Do Penis Extenders Fit All Sizes?

Return even ten years and the amount of options you’d if this found penis stretchers was limited.
In individuals days everything you could select from was one fixed design along with a noose, meaning you’d a greater possibility of struggling with slippages or discovering that the look didn’t match the form of the penis.
But these days things are a lot more different…
Recognising that this design did not suit everyone, many top penis extender manufacturers have modified and adapted their designs to offer you more choice.
Take the following design improvements:
  1. Silicon Noose vs. Comfort Strap – alongside giving you a silicon noose, penis extenders such as SizeGenetics also provide you with a comfort strap which reduces slippages and spreads the traction of the device over a larger surface area.

  2. Comfort Technology – to account for the diversity of sizes, shapes, angles and the actual sensitivity of your penis, penis extenders now also offer such things as protection pad (to increase comfort where you use the noose or strap); fabric covered latex head grip (reduces rubbing and chaffing against the skin) and non-slip protech matt strap (to reduce slippage). Through these various combinations some penis extenders can offer you up to 16 different ways to wear their device.

  3. MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) – SizeGenetics is one of many penis extenders that now incorporate Multi-Directional Angling into their design. By using this, you can comfortably wear their device no matter the degree of curvature in your penis.
Increasing the size of your penis is no longer limited to a small group.
No matter the size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis it is now possible to use penis extenders to apply traction to your penis, trigger cell replication and growth, and increase the size of your penis by inches.
Just make sure before you buy that the penis extender you are looking at can offer you more than 4 ways to wear their device, and that the device itself has been tested under clinical studies.
With the right device you can improve the appearance of your penis.
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Penis Extenders vs. Penis Enlargement Surgery – Which is Safer?

Considering how long we have can be found in the last 20 years, you would think that this solution to this was with relative ease. However these two methods come with their advantages and drawbacks.
What are penis extenders?
Easily a great deal safer than putting your penis underneath the knife, the one risk you are going to ever knowledge about penis extenders is picking an unacceptable device.
In general, penis extenders are made to apply traction on the corpora cavernosa with your penis, causing cells to destroy away and duplicate. Because these cells accumulate, they enable the penis to carry more blood, attain harder erections, increase in size by inches, decrease the chance of ejaculation problems and still have even been found to diminish penile curvatures.
High are actually numerous scientific studies to prove the lasting improvements penis stretchers will surely have in your penis.
In one clinical study of 18 participants, after wearing the penis extender for 4-8 hours a day over 6  months, they experienced 2.8cm gains when erect and 1.9cm gains when flaccid, which remained months once they stopped with all the device.
Are there any downsides to penis extenders?
Scientists agree, with the right penis extender you can safely and confidently increase the size of your penis without risking damage or chaffing.
However as with many products on the market, not all penis extenders can offer these results.
Made from the wrong type of materials or not clinically tested, some penis extenders can do more harm than good.
That is why, if you are interested in using a penis extender it is important that you make sure it can offer you the following:
  • Clinical studies – not a generic study, but one which proves that that particular device works.
  • What is it made from – the best penis extenders are made from Medical Type 1 materials.
  • Is it comfortable – most penis extenders incorporate either a noose or comfort strap into their design. To maximise your comfort try to invest in a penis extender that can offer you both. SizeGenetics for example has incorporated 16 Way Comfort Technology as well as MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) into their design so no matter the size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis you can wear it comfortably all day long.
  • Guarantee – guarantees can offer you the reassurance that if the product does not work for you, you can get your money back. Most penis extenders tell you to wear their device for 6 months, to optimise your results. For this reason, any guarantee less than 6 months should be viewed with caution.
What is penis enlargement surgery?
Penis enlargement surgery has come a long way in the last 20 years offering men a realistic chance of increasing the size of their penis, through a variety of different procedures.
From cutting the suspensory ligament connecting your penis to your pubic bone to inserting an inflatable tube, you can arguably improve your penis in a number of ways.
However, despite improvements to these procedures – in particular a reduced risk of scarring your penis – there are still some downsides to penis enlargement surgery.
  • Cutting the suspensory ligament – whilst this procedure can instantly increase the appearance of your penis by 1 inch, it stops your penis from pointing up when erect.
  • Inflatable tubes – inserted into your penis, these tubes are connected to a pump in your testicles which allow you to pump up your penis and increase your erection at will (excess use can leave your penis feeling sore).
  • Skin grafting – possibly the most risky of these 3, this procedure involves applying a skin graft to your penis to improve your size. Now whilst it does offer you more control over the size of your penis, should the graft not take or lose blood circulation this can cause the graft to die and give your penis the appearance of scarring and deformity.
So which is better?
As we mentioned before, both of these procedures come with their pros and cons. However if you are looking for an effective way to improve the size of your penis without causing damage or deformity to your penis, then penis extenders are your safest option.
With the right device, you can comfortably improve your size, appearance and strengthen of your erection, and essentially prevent premature ejaculation.
Simply make sure before you buy that it has got a guarantee, clinical studies and is made from the appropriate materials and you can feel 100% confident about your future success.

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Can Certain Foods Help Me To Get A Bigger Penis?

Whilst no specific food can assist you to obtain a bigger penis, your dietary choices could affect on what successful a penis enhancement technique is.
For instance, many methods including penis stretchers depend upon increasing the flow of blood to your penis. However when you adhere to a diet that’s rich in fatty foods, this will affect your erection, as such as your heart, your arteries will end up clogged and blocked.
Just how do I ensure for the healthier erection?
We sometimes forget that the penises have to have a healthy circulation, thinking they may be separate from most of our own bodies. However, even as proved above a poor diet could affect over your heart and weight, and also your erection.
İf you’re genuinely enthusiastic about enlarging the penis, you can find actions to improve your chances of adding inches for a penis.
Just make these dietary changes:
•    Eat lots of vegetables and fruit
•    Opt for hard working liver including chicken and fish, and limit your red meat consumption
•    Choose wheat grains grains and oats
•    Stay from foods containing processed sugars, white flour products and fast food.
•    Introduce multivitamins and minerals into the diet. NOTE: be careful to not need a lot of iron, but instead focus on boosting your natural zinc levels.
•    Quit smoking. NOTE: smoking shrinks your arteries and capillaries whilst simultaneously reducing your blood oxygen supply.
What else can I do?
Even as we stated earlier, your diet alone cannot enable you to help the appearance of the penis. You also must make sure that you are using a quality male enhancement technique.
Now you’ll soon find that you can find loads to pick from – penis stretchers, penis pumps, penis exercises and in many cases penis enlargement surgery – but even these have their advantages and disadvantages:
•    Penis extenders – exactly like the technique found in orthopaedic surgery, traction devices apply traction towards the corpora cavernosa within your penis causing cells to break away and replicate.
Because these new cells accumulate with your penis, they enable your penis to carry more blood; produce harder, stronger erections; reduce early ejaculation and penile curvatures, and above all can increase your penis size by inches.
Pros: clinical studies have proven that penis stretchers can also add inches to your penis. In one study, after wearing a penile extender for 4-8 hours a day over Six months, participants experienced average gains of two.8cm (erect) and 1.9cm (flaccid) which remained months after they stopped using the device.
Cons: its not all penis stretchers are supported by studies or are made of the proper materials. To ensure you are getting the top product, make certain: they’re made from Medical Type 1 materials; ‘ve got at the very least a Six month guarantee and they are supported by independent clinical studies.
•    Penis pumps – setting up a vacuum around your penis, penis pumps cause more blood being drawn to your penis making an effort to temporarily increase your size.
Pros: can cause an immediate hard erection plus some instances has been discovered to enhance your size by approximately an inch.
Cons: unneccessary use can damage the veins with your penis, because email address details are temporary.
•    Penis exercises – composed of kegel and jelqing, both of them are designed to stretch and strengthen the penis. By using a repetitive milking motion on the penis, this encourages increased the flow of blood, assisting to engorge the penis.
Pros: some exercises, encourage you to stretch your penis resulting in the section of your penis that is certainly retained in your body to slowly extend outwards, thus assisting you to look bigger.
Cons: generally the results of these exercises are only temporary, and mainly aid in reducing ejaculation problems, and improve erection strength and stamina.
•    Penis enlargement surgery – one of the most costly and risky on this bunch, there are several male enhancement surgeries you are able to select from which can add inches to your penis i.e. cutting the suspensory ligament, inserting inflatable tubes or attaching a skin graft.
Pros: this sort of surgery will offer you more guaranteed gains along with the power to control the amount bigger the penis becomes.
Cons: it has an element of risk i.e. deformity, scarring linked to each one of these procedures:
 – cutting the suspensory ligament: whilst adding an inch to the appearance of your penis, cutting this ligament prevents your penis from pointing up when erect.
 – inflatable tubes: is a bit more well suited for helping your erection. Just be careful never to over pump as this may damage your testicles (the pump is inserted into the testicles, assisting you to power up the tubes within your penis).
 – skin grafts: whenever they take, skin grafts will add inches in your penis, they have a high chance of losing blood flow creating the skin to die, leaving your penis looking scarred and deformed.
It is possible to successfully raise your penis size…
Simply remember to eat well and take care of your body. But most importantly make sure you pick the best technique for you. Using the right method you can attain the penis size you crave and feel more confident about your body.

Can my body system shape really dictate my penis size?

You’ve probably heard this saying before ‘big feet = a major penis’, but sometimes your body shape really determine the possibility height and width of the penis?
Well as outlined by numerous studies height is directly connected to penis size.
Within a recent study of three,300 Italian men, researchers found the taller the guy, the greater his penis.
Which study just isn’t alone…
During a different one of 25,000 men (the MSNBC/ survey), they learned that men who were shorter than 5ft 8” tended to own small penises, whilst those over 6ft were reported to get large penises.
But what if I’m not tall?
Before you decide to panic, even though you’re on the short side doesn’t necessarily mean your penis is small.
However, if you’re uncomfortable or unhappy along with your penis size at all, there are many methods to increase the size of your penis, overcome your genetics and achieve it without having to spend a king’s ransom.
1.    Trim nice hair – this technique is totally inexpensive (if you don’t haven’t got a set of scissors) and can immediately add 2cm for the appearance of one’s penis.
You see the challenge with crotch hair is that it hides a number of your penis which makes it look small compared to it can be. So by trimming your hair and keeping it short you are able to instantly look bigger.
2.    Watch excess fat – you do not be able to control your height maybe genetics, nevertheless, you can make sure your stomach doesn’t hide the penis from view. Simply try to be in shape and you will help the size the penis.
3.    Penis exercises – these could be put into 2 groups. Kegel (these strengthen your pelvic muscles, enhancing your stamina and endurance) and jelqing (contains 34 eight minute exercises that stretch your penis).
Now when it comes to giving you better size, jelqing is among the most helpful since the milking motion increases blood flow for a penis and stimulates cells. One particular exercise can add an inch in your penis as it involves pulling your penis from your body and encouraging the part of the penis which remains within your body to give out.
4.    Penis extenders – for further credible gains penis extenders will help. High quality ones don’t have to be pricey as well as in the long term count their.
How do they work: applying traction to the corpora cavernosa within your penis, this makes cells to break away from the walls and duplicate. Because they new cells accumulate in your penis, this allows your penis to support more blood; achieve harder erections for longer; reduce early ejaculation and penile curvatures and most importantly adds inches to your penis.
In the type of study, after wearing a penis stretcher for 4-8 hours each day over Six months, the 18 participants experienced average gains of a single.9cm flaccid and a couple of.8cm erect which remained months when they stopped while using device. For more information click here to visit Sizegenetics site now!
NOTE: not all penis extenders work exactly the same or utilize same materials. For optimum results make sure the system is backed by its very own clinical study; is constructed from Medical Type 1 materials; incorporates Comfort Way Technology and possesses got a guarantee.
Any one these techniques can guide you to unveil hidden inches and enhance the size of your penis.
So forget about letting your height and genetics determine your size and get back power over your system today. With all the right technique you can achieve the penis size you want…